Guest Chef's philosophy         

      My cuisine is based on the Italian cooking heritage and classic French gastronomy, enriched with Scandinavian freshness and spiced with some Asian influences. In my kitchen the finest seasonal ingredients are prepared and served with care and precision. The balance and harmony of flavors and textures combined with traditional values and modern cooking techniques create an exciting dining experience. I'll try to make people happy with the new, non-standard and honest stripped-down fine-dining, without any pretension or ceremony. I have gathered my experiences around the world to serve you a delicious fusion of taste and style, our special Figaro cuisine.

Tomi Rissanen

We welcome our esteemed guests daily, from 8:00 AM till 12:00 AM at Figaro Restaurant, Irkutsk, Karla Marksa 22 (please see Contacts for details)

17/10/2016 Pizza

      The first pizza known in history seems to have appeared in Napoli in the 16th century when tomatoes were first brought into Europe from America. Since then, pizza has been around loved by numerous fans. One of the most famous pizzas is called Margherita named after the Princess Margherita of Savoy who is said to have enjoyed it and, as some sources put it, took part in creation of the recipe. Every Sunday our chef can make Margherita for you along with many others. Now we have one even with our Baikal delicacy - omul fish. You definitely must try it! Pizza.

15/10/2016 New Menu

      If you appreciate sophisticated cuisine and look for fresh impressions, you must know we are always happy to offer you something new. Today our chef decided to change the main menu completely! Interested? Come over and try it for yourself! Menu.

26/11/2015 New menu

      We are pleased to introduce our completely new menu to our esteemed customers! Bon appetite!

10/02/2014 New concept of business lunch

      In 2014 we have decided to change our business lunch concept. From now on we are delighted to present you a new lunch menu weekly. Please refer to the Business Lunch section for the details. We definitely invite you for lunch with us - you are sure to like it!

ExChef's philosophy         

I've always been fascinated by nature and all the products it spontaneously gives us. When I use the ingredients I always have a great respect for their uniqueness and features. It.s important for me to understand them, one by one, individually, the density, the smell and especially taste. Taste them and feel how parts of them and become a part of me. To associate food from me carefully chosen, the one with the other is an essential step for stimulating my creativity. Using it to express all its natural potential through harmony of shapes, scents and textures is my point.

Francesco Torelli

01/08/2013 Baikal and Garda

     My personal way to cook Omul. Our offer.

05/04/2013 Pastry weekend at 5-7 of April

      Come to Figaro and enjoy the atmosphere of a real pastry shop in Milan, special guest pastry chef Marco Isernia in cooperation with chef Francesco Torelli invites all our esteemed guests for a degustation of modern and classic European cakes. Offer.

14/02/2013 St. Valentine Day

      We offer a romantic dinner for all those who are in love (or is going to).

31/01/2013 Days of regional Italian cuisine

      We participate in events promoting Milan Expo in 2015 and organize days of regional Italian cuisine. We offer you an authentic special dish "Rabbit in Lombardic style".

25/01/2013 Cocktail party

      We invite you for the first but not last event at Figaro. Please see our offer.

20/12/2012 Media about us

      Please take a look at the article about us in Russian Food Magazine (open).

20/12/2012 Three degustation nights "OSTERIA ITALIANA"

      We had three degustation nights "Osteria Italiana" will be December 4, 11 and 18. Italian cheeses and wines (details) accompanied by one of our best wine brands "Masi".

12/12/2012 Media about us

      Please take a look at the article about us in one of the main Russian business editions. RBC

30/11/2012 Celebration Ospitalità Italiana

      We had a celebration of our receipt of Ospitalità Italiana certificate. From the 30th of November till the 2nd of December we offered a special menu.

24/11/2012 Closing Ceremony of the Italian Cuisine Festival

      Our chef Francesco Torelli participated in the closing ceremony of the Italian Cuisine Festival and Ospitalità Italiana nomination. The Ospitalita Italiana certificates were given out for the second time in Russia. The first one was last year also during Buona ITALIA-2011. Qualified experts has done a careful selection of restaurants for the nomination taking into account lots of parameters from the quality of ingredients to staff competence and qualification.
      The Italian Ambassador in Russia Mr. Antonio Zanardi Landi took part in the ceremony also with the best Italian chefs.
      You can refer to the details to Russia OGGI (pdf).

22/11/2012 Oysters & Lobsters Festival

      We are pleased to invite you for our Oysters & Lobsters Festival on the 22nd of November. Please take a look at the menu here. A reservation required (Contacts).
      We'll be happy if you put your comments on TripAdvisor and vote for us at (our code - 1841) after your visit.

15/11/2012 New menu

      On 15th of November we are pleased to offer you a new Menu.
      We are waiting for your feedbacks at TripAdvisor and vote for us at You need to enter a code - 1841. You can win a trip to Italy (see previous news).

01/11/2012 The first in Siberia and Russian Far East

      Our restaurant has completed Ospitalità Italiana certification and on the 1st of November we were honored with The Ospitalità Italiana Seal. Details.
      From now we are participating in the Premio Ospitalità Italiana competition and ask our guests to vote for us at Our code is 1841. Please note that by voting you can win a free trip to Italy from the organizers of the competition.

30/10/2012 Special guest chef Momo Fadly from Singapore presents

30th of October Special Menu from guest chef Momo Fadly. Photo.

22/10/2012 Sandwiches and business lunch

We've started to serve sandwiches and business lunch. Please refer to the Menu for the details.

22/08/2012 Media about us

      The article 'An Italian in the search for Russian cuisine' in Arguments&Facts Newspaper. Read.

07/2012 Media about us

      The article 'Make it work' in July issue of The Irkutsk Business Journal. Read. We thank the publisher for the permission to use the article.

29/02/2012 Birthday of our restaurant's designer Sergei Shergin
      We thank Sergei for choosing us at celebrating his remarkable birthday. The date, the 29th of February, happens only once in four years! So we did our best to welcome his friends and guests.
      Special thanks to Sergei for allowing us to add the photos to our gallery.

29/12/2011 We opened